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Furniture & Objects of art


Works that combine the know-how of yesterday and today to the benefit of the beauty and elegance of the objects and furniture that surround us.


Escalier deco design - Kiasma Design
Samara - Ouvre lettre - Kiasma Design

Fundamental inspiration

Geometry for its formal and structuring qualities, matter for its intrinsic qualities, metaphor for its expressive potential and nature for its diversity.

Kiasma Design

We strive to integrate quality values that are imbued with authenticity. Moreover, kiasma works to combine the know-how of tradition and contemporary design. .

Offrande beige - Plateau de fruit par Kiasma Design - 6

Offrande - Fruit platter

Artefakte - Coupe papier

Exacto - Paper cutter


The creations signed Kiasma Design are the result of an inspired reflexive approach.


A collaborative approach in line with your needs.

Pub Nelligan - 4 - Kiasma Design

Nelligan's Pub

Bibliothèque érable piqué - 3 - Kiasma Design

Pricked maple bookcase


” Art is beautiful when man’s hand, head and heart work together. “

John Ruskin

Writer, poet, painter, art critic

Matière Kiasma Design
Escalier deco design - Kiasma Design


” Inspiration is necessary in geometry, just as much as in poetry. “

Alexandre Pouchkine

Artist, Playwright, Writer, Poet, Novelist


” The purpose of art is to unite matter with forms that are the truest, most beautiful and purest of nature.

Joseph Joubert

Moralist & Essayist

Nature Accueil Kiasma Design

The quote


“To create it is equaled only by infinity…”

Kiasma Design

Kiasma Design Accueil

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