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About us Kiasma design

What is it?

Kiasma design is a young contemporary woodworking company that offers design and manufacturing services for high-end, value-added products.

We strive to integrate quality values imbued with authenticity. Moreover, kiasma works to combine traditional know-how and contemporary design.

During a mandate or an order, we pay a particular attention to your requests and requirements in order to generate sensitive answers to your needs.



Kiasma Design works in the sense of sustainable development, by conferring a perennial value to our achievements.

We have at heart to highlight the richness, nobility and beauty of materials by favouring an approach based on the mixing of materials.

Finally, we believe in the redistribution of wealth, which is why we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to organizations that work with the underprivileged. Thus, we believe that we are partly assuming a civil responsibility because it is our duty to do so.

The object to create

In a schematic way

Our approach during the creation process is based on two interrelated and cross-cutting axes. We analyze and evaluate your needs in a dynamic relationship between form / function versus container / content.


  • VUnique piece - Special order
  • VSerial piece - limited edition
  • VCorporate & protocol gifts
  • VTable DNA signature collection


  • VProduct conception and design
  • VSpace layout
  • VCustomized manufacturing
  • VPrototyping
Edwin Akué Kiasma Design

Edwin Akué


Edwin Akué is a multi-disciplinary artisan-creator who, after a singular life path, discovered in 1998 a particular attraction for design and cabinet making. That same year, he decided to undertake training in this field at the Institut québécois d’ébénisterie (IQE), from which he graduated with honours in 2001.

His intuition and his ability to be visionary, combined with the know-how he has acquired over the years, allow him today to respond to various orders. As a passionate craftsman, he strives, in parallel with his mandates, to pursue research and development activities for furniture and other distinctive products.

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